Making Cheap Renovations When You Rent

by admin on April 18, 2011

Renting a home in a calm and clean residential area could be quite expensive nowadays. But even the most coquette and cosy abode needs some tiny renovation and refurbishing every now and then. Considering that every month you pay for the right stay in the house, you should try to save as much money on the repair as possible.

For a start, you should make a road map of your home renovation campaign and develop a plan for its implementation. Then, you should start searching for somebody to do it at an affordable price. If your neighbour has recently renovated his house, you can ask him about some useful hints that can save you money.

Once you have found an authorized home repair gang, you should try to buy the construction materials on your own. If you let the technicians do it for you, they can supply medium-quality materials and resell them to you at the price of premium-quality ones.

Even if you are a devoted D. I. Y. enthusiast, you’d better not try to fix any problems with the electrical or plumbing installations of your home. It’s much better if you call some licensed professionals to do the job for you.

Start the renovation of your rented house by painting its fence. It’s both cheap and eye-catching. You can proceed by replacing your old mailbox with a brand new one that will match the freshly-painted fence. You can cover the pathways in the garden with white pebbles that will stand out from the lush greenery. If your front door is a bit worn out, you can apply some fresh paint on it or, if you think that this wouldn’t help much, you can replace it.

Having refurbished your rented home from the outside, it’s time to move inside and create some cosy atmosphere.

Painting your bedroom in a light peach colour can greatly improve your mood. You can also replace the lamp on the ceiling with a more modern one and put a functional dimmer on the wall in the place of the old switch. You can replace your old curtains with stylish blinds as well. Table lamps and down lights will set the ambience and are generally inexpensive, yet quite practical.

Polishing the parquet is often noisy and, sometimes, a little dusty experience, but it’s worth the inconvenience. Of course, a freshly polished wooden floor should be well-complemented by a carpet in some extravagant pattern.

It is not recommended to refurnish the place at your expense or install any new kitchen equipment. Instead, you can paint the old tiles in your bathroom and make them shinier. Thus, you whole bathroom will get brighter and it will also look a bit bigger. Also, you can replace your old shower curtain with a modern shower screen. It’s true that bathroom batteries (faucets) can be quite expensive, but there are some cheaper solutions that are incredibly water-efficient as well.

Finally, make a list of all renovations you have made and ask your landlord if he can subtract the costs from your rent over the next few months!

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