Credit Cards by BMO for Busy and Savvy Consumers

September 20, 2014

Customers are offered plenty of choice, from commercial mortgages and business loans to specialized banking, accounts, and credit cards. The bank features different types of cards, including premium, standard, student, and others. The Bank of Montreal features rewards points that can be used toward electronics, accessories, fashion and clothing, and more. Clients with rewards credit […]

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Credit Rating and Options

September 16, 2014

Capital One offers flexible and affordable financial products, including used and new vehicle loans, mortgages, small business and personal accounts, and credit cards. Banks offer consumer cards and balance transfer options to clients who wish to consolidate their balances. Customers are asked to provide information such as their estimated gross income, physical address, and SIN. […]

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Making Payments On Time Helps Rebuild Credit

September 7, 2014

Another way to build or rebuild credit is to use a secured or prepaid credit card. Credit card companies, credit unions, mainstream banks, and other financial establishments advertise credit cards. Not all banks offer secured credit cards, and there is a trend in the banking sector toward unsecured credit cards. Some financial institutions now offer […]

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Payment History and Other Factors

August 11, 2014

Banks are mainly interested in whether applicants manage credit responsibly, and the first step is to make timely payments to boost your score.There are things to do to repair your credit score, and one is to obtain a credit card with a small limit and make timely payments. Obviously, you will get a higher limit […]

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Comparison Shopping Perks and Discounts

August 7, 2014

Some issuers also offer added extras such as renewal bonuses, rewards points on quarterly spends, green points, as well as birthday rewards. Some issuers also offer bonus points and discounts after 5 or 10 qualifying stays at select hotels. The goal is to offer customers choice, flexible reward options, and attractive terms. While customers usually […]

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Business Acquisition Loans

July 25, 2014

Small and large businesses are offered secured and unsecured loans. Many businesses apply for government financing because of the longer payback period. Businesses apply for different types of government funding, including equipment and micro-loans. Banks also offer professional, franchise start-up, and commercial real estate loans. Secured and unsecured loans differ when it comes to interest […]

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Loans for Couples

May 3, 2014

Couples and singles also apply for adoption loans, and some employers reimburse adoption expenses. Grants are also offered under different programs. The type of financing to choose depends on the costs. Financial institutions offer loans to customers who intend to finance the purchase of equipment and furnishings, to make investments, and more. The funds can […]

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Cards for Borrowers With Good Credit Rating

May 1, 2014

Finance companies, banks, and department stores offer secured and unsecured credit cards. There are prepaid, department store credit cards, no annual fee, and other products. As a rule, customers with excellent and very good credit have plenty of choice because they are considered low risk by financial institutions. There are different options to choose from […]

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Choosing an Investment Vehicle

April 29, 2014

There are different types of funds to consider as alternatives to traditional investment instruments. Some funds focus on long-term capital growth while others offer benefits such as a balanced mix of liquid and illiquid investment instruments. When choosing between different investment solutions, there are many factors to consider, including asset allocation, risk, and so on. […]

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Business Plan and Documents Required

April 26, 2014

Vendor and supplier financing are also possible sources for borrowers to get a loan with bad credit. There are other types of loans, including vendor financing and equipment leasing and financing. Borrowers with poor credit also apply with banks and credit unions, but they are offered high interest rates and a cosigner may be required. […]

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