Scotia Credit Cards for Businesses

by admin on October 25, 2014

The Bank of Nova Scotia features standard and specialty financial services, total equity plans and loans, mutual funds and high interest savings accounts, and credit cards. Premium and standard cards feature affordable fees and special discounts.

The Bank offers Scotiabank rewards, travel platinum, travel, and other cards with extra rewards and discounts on hotel bookings and VIP passes. Clients are offered vacation and cruise privileges and travel promos. The bank partners with manufacturers and merchants and offers points toward recreation, electronics, and home accessories. Scotiabank offers a rewards program that features cash back, travel benefits, and rewards points redeemable for digital cameras, watches, binoculars, tablets, and other electronics. You need about 10,000 points for a multifunction backpack and 57,000 points for binoculars. There are plenty of recreational items and electronics to choose from, from keyboardwireless keyboards to Bluetooth speakers. The bank also offers a newsletter that features special offers and rewards.In addition to rewards points, customers are also offered cards with no annual buy antibiotics no rx fees, low rate, cash back, and other premium benefits. Some no fee cards go with 1 percent cash back on recurring payments and purchases and low introductory rates. Customers enjoy exclusive access to experiential tours, seating at high-end restaurants, and winery tours. Customers are also offered lounge access with conference space and complimentary refreshments and snacks.

The Bank of Nova Scotia offers handy online tools that allow holders to redeem points, transfer funds, request a higher credit limit, and more. Additional cards with no annual fees can be requested for the ScotiaHockey Visa, SCENE Visa, and other cards . There is an option to transfer existing retail and gas card balances. Some cards go with an introductory rate that is as low as 0.99 percent. Scotiabank features specialty cards for business owners, including cards with up to 3 percent cash back. There are cards that earn cash rebates on utilities, phone bills, and purchases. Retailers offer discounts of 3 to 25 percent, and it is free to enroll. Secured credit cards are also offered, for example, ScotiaGold Passport which goes with credit and investment vouchers, gift certificates, brand-name merchandise, and unrestricted and flexible travel options. Consolidating card payments helps save on service charges. Scotiabank requires that business customers provide details such as lease and loan payments, amortization expenses, and others. Customers pay fees such as transaction and penalty fees .

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